Innovative & Technological Approach to Cleanrooms

Guther® has introduced a web-based system for tracking cleanroom garments and equipment. Using the system, the wear/use history, cleaning cycle and location of garments and equipment can be tracked by scanning a barcode on each items. By monitoring each individual equipment in this way, the risk of cross contamination is reduced.

Track Easily Cleanroom Garments via Barcode !

Guther® offers a complete supply software solution to your contamination track needs. We are committed to supplying products and solutions that are fit for purpose; we work with you to develop softwares that meet your standards.

Your Hygiene. Our Concern

Guther® is the first comprehensive central cleanroom departments’ equipment management software.

Guther® is a unique garment and equipment tracking software fully adapted to the challenges of your cleanroom / sensitive area.
It has proved itself in cleanrooms and sensitive facilities around the world and enables you to invest in the safety of your work while reducing costs.

Guther® is an indispensable software for the support of all central cleanroom supply department processes.

with the Guther® software, the organization within your cleanroom is running perfectly. Venof® Technology developed this web-based system for tracking software specifically for the track & trace of cleanroom garments & equipment.