Industrial Laundry and Sterilization Services for Cleanroom Equipment

Our facility established within the ISO 7 / Class 10.000 Clean Room Area; It is designed for industries that require a controlled environment for cleaning, such as the medical, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, aviation, electronics and semiconductor industries. specializes in this area where many potential microbiological contamination hazards can arise due to the easy spread of bacteria and microbes without strict monitoring.

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When you need sterilization of your cleanroom clothes, where you need it and at the best price!® is a company that has the most advanced clean room and sensitive areas laundry equipment, and provides service to its customers in ISO 7 / Class 10.000 clean room requirements in washing and sterilization processes (with hygiene barrier).

Our facility has been specially designed and built to carry out the necessary processes to provide zero risk service.

with a strategic partner, it’s easier to meet your customers’ demands on time.
minimize your costs on uniforms and consumables.

All equipment and processes used in are constantly checked and developed by experienced staff and consultants in “clean room and sterile areas”.

As, we meet all ISO 14644 “Clean rooms and related controlled environments” and IEST “Clean room operating standards” in our state-of-the-art facility.

Processes : - Cleanroom Garments Laundry Service

Your clean room and sensitive area clothes are either taken from your facility or you are requested to deliver it to our establishment. The materials accepted to our facility are recorded with barcodes after repair, change (zipper, snap, etc.), and then the products are separated according to their types (overalls, headgear, shoes, etc.). How many times and during which processes the products registered with barcodes are washed, etc. It is reported to your company with detail. If deemed necessary, highly contaminated clothes are separated from less contaminated clothes and subjected to pre-washing process. Later, the materials are subjected to the washing process with hygiene barrier laundry machines, with a specially programmed washing process for your materials and again with chemicals (detergent, solution, etc.) specially formulated for your materials. After the hygiene barrier washing process, your materials are subjected to a drying process at specified times and temperatures with specially programmed devices. After the drying process, your cleanroom and sterile area materials are subjected to particle tests, surface resistivity (antistatic, esd, etc.) tests. The materials that complete the test process are visually examined by the quality unit and taken into the folding process. After the examination and folding process, the materials are taken into the packaging process. It is packaged in special package bags specially designed according to the type of material. These packages are suitable for sterilization, and sterilization process is performed for the clothes of the enterprises that demand. After the sterilization process, the materials are packed in cardboard parcels, after the labels on the box are affixed, they are made ready for shipment or direct delivery to the customer. - Cleanroom Garments Laundry Service