Venof™ Accredited Technology

at Venof®, we strive to provide high-quality services and products that focus on improving the productivity and efficiency of technology-based operations in the microelectronics, pharmaceutical, medical device and opto-electronics industries.

Venof® works at the forefront of innovation in our products and services by staying flexible to our customers’ changing needs and applying the latest technologies and extensive industry knowledge to develop new, improved services.

Mission :
our mission is to create innovative technological solutions for sustainable development in the Industrial sectors that contribute to social well-being. our business management is part of a responsible policy framework and responds to the principles of efficiency, quality , transparency and responsibility, generating value for all of our stakeholders.

to be a global company that aims at leadership in every field it enters and transforms its values into profit, taking its strength from teamwork.

Vision :
to be a world leader in the development of innovative technological solutions in the automotive, medical, medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical, aviation, electronics and semiconductor sectors, in a way that contributes to economic and technologic progress, developing an ethical culture which enhances a model of responsible management with our environment, and a sense of pride of belonging among our employees.

we improve our brand image and market share by combining our strong knowledge with technology, making a difference with our products and services, without compromising our core values!