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Venof® develops a proven products & services for executing a successful marketing plan customized to your unique goals and designed for complex technological cycles.


Venof® has the technology, products , services and experience to help your leadership make smart, effective decisions to meet your technological innovation challenges.


Venof® seeks to change the business world by igniting the mind, inspiring the spirit and penetrating the heart through a domino effect of positivity.

Venof® has a portfolio of about 4 brands offering machines, engines, automotive , electronics , defence, medical , components , services and solutions to meet the unique needs of a variety of industries and customers around the world.

Every year, over 100 new companies meet Venof® products to improve their technology and cost reduction. Venof® brands create value for the customer with innovative products and a distinguished service approach.

at Venof®, we strive to provide high-quality services and products that focus on improving the productivity and efficiency of technology-based operations in the microelectronics, pharmaceutical, medical device and opto-electronics industries.

Venof® works at the forefront of innovation in our products and services by staying flexible to our customers’ changing needs and applying the latest technologies and extensive industry knowledge to develop new, improved services.

CleanroomMarket® is the biggest manufacturer of reusable and disposable cleanroom garments, antistatic sterile area clothes, dust-free room gowns, clean area overalls and antibacterial smocks / medical hygienic laboratory textiles, hygienic overalls ,etc.
Guther® has introduced a professional web-based system for tracking cleanroom garments and equipment. Using the this application, the wear/use history, cleaning cycle and location of garments and equipment can be tracked by scanning a barcode on each items.® is the only special cleanroom garment washing-sterilization service provider which is established within the ISO7 / Class 10.000 cleanroom area in Middle East. It is served for industries that require a controlled and sensitive environment for cleaning.
roboform® designs and manufacturing professional , tailor-made , made-to-measure protective covers for industrial robots. Thereby you will protect your industrial robots and their accessories against damaging effects , reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity.

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at Venof®, we have years of experience in industry and we are aware of the high demands and needs of production plants.

We’ll be happy to show you the entire production process and also assist you efficient and cost-effective industrial solutions for your special requirements.
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